Friday, Eldredge & Clark is a skilled, cost-effective option for defending your IP rights in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We understand that patents, trademarks, and copyrights are valuable business assets and offer you a strategic, practical approach to today’s emerging issues in the development, protection and profitable leveraging of your intellectual property assets.

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Prosecution - We can help your company decide when it is in your business interest to prosecute copyrights, trademarks, and service marks. You’ll know exactly where you stand in the process for securing and maintaining federal or state level copyright, trademark, or service mark registration. We work in affiliation with others to assist you in preparing and prosecuting patents.

Litigation - With skilled trial lawyers who have handled countless jury trials, our firm has exceptional capabilities to represent you in litigation to protect your patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We have the capabilities to protect your intellectual assets from infringers and to assert your competitive rights when other companies have not followed effective protection strategies. Our definition of winning in IP litigation is to achieve your business objectives, whether the issue involves infringement, trade secrets misappropriation, or licensing rights. That can mean aggressive representation at trial – or alternative forms of dispute resolution that achieve competitive goals without the expense of litigation.

Trade Secrets - We understand what defines confidential trade secret information and are dedicated to protecting your company’s trade secret rights. You can rely on our capabilities, as have many other clients in the transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care, financial services, and retail sectors. Our lawyers handle enforcement of trade secret rights as part of restrictive covenants that bind former employers, and also advise new employers who hire individuals bound by such covenants. We obtain injunctions to enforce employers’ rights and litigate contractual disputes relating to alleged breaches of confidentiality and trade secret restrictions.

Transactional Counsel - We use our business insight to help your growing company accelerate its market penetration through strategic business combinations and alliances. Our transactional experience includes mergers and acquisitions designed to leverage your IP strengths, as well as licensing agreements that both extend and protect your ownership rights. Whether the transaction is a pure licensing arrangement, a joint venture, a strategic alliance, or some other arrangement, we advise you on the regulatory and antitrust implications as well as the patent or trademark application issues.   

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