Supreme Court Decision Overturns Chevron Doctrine

June 28, 2024

Mark Cameron

Today in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court overturned a decades old precedent regarding the deference given to interpretations of federal law by federal administrative agencies. Known as the Chevron doctrine, this 1984 case favored agency interpretations and provided these agencies wide latitude in interpreting and implementing federal laws. The effect of Chevron over the decades has resulted in wide ranging rules and regulations in the areas of employment, wage and hour, immigration, and the environment.

While this change will not alter these rules overnight, it will likely result in increased challenges to federal regulations that could lead to instability and uncertainty in these and other areas of the law going forward. For employers, it will be vitally important to stay informed on pending litigation around the U.S. that may alter the regulatory frameworks currently in place that affect the workplace. This decision will undoubtedly be used to challenge many of the recent rule changes by the Department of Labor, such as those regarding non-compete agreements and the FLSA overtime exemption.

Should you have any questions about this change or any pending employment matters in your business, please reach out to our office.