Students engage with industry professionals across Central Arkansas

November 2, 2022

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (November 2, 2022) – Friday, Eldredge & Clark participated in the Academies of Central Arkansas Career Expo where students had the opportunity to talk to industry professionals across Central Arkansas and form a deeper understanding of required academic subjects, electives, and specialized courses to prepare them for their career of choice.

The Academies of Central Arkansas is a joint collaboration of the four Central Arkansas School Districts to create high school career academies that allow students to choose a career path and receive an education that is more relevant to what they think they want to do career-wise. The program offers 9th grade students the opportunity to explore careers available to them right here in Central Arkansas. More than 80 businesses in more than 10 different industries participated, including Friday, Eldredge, & Clark.

A number of the Friday Firm’s attorneys volunteered by manning the booth and engaging with students. Students were given advice on ways to expose themselves to the legal profession at an early age. Scott Tucker, one of the firm’s key railroad law attorneys, encouraged students to reach out to their local District Court and ask to sit in on a trial. Jamie Jones, one of the firm’s litigation attorneys, advised Morgan Perry, an eager student from Sylvan Hills High, of the steps to get into law school. One student, Jamarion, approached the booth and confidently stated, “I want to be a defense attorney.” It was exciting to hear that students have already begun exploring the legal profession. (L) Attorney Scott Tucker (R) Attorney Madeline McElhanon

Friday Eldredge & Clark, the largest law firm in the state, has been a supporter of the Academies of Central Arkansas since the concept was first introduced and participated through the Little Rock Regional Chamber and Fifty for the Future in bringing the program to Central Arkansas. “The Academies have the potential to change the education of our workforce in Central Arkansas,” according to Price Gardner, the firm’s Managing Partner. The Academies concept has been highly successful in other cities such as Nashville, Louisville, Vicksburg and the Southeast United States. The Academies concept is a collaborative community-driven approach to education, partnering businesses and the Academies, to better prepare young people for college, careers, lifelong learning, and leadership and strengthen the talent pipeline in the community developed by the Ford Next Generation Learning Foundation. “Seeing all four Pulaski County School Districts to engage the concept has been a remarkable achievement,” states Gardner.

The Academies have a track record of better preparing students for their careers and job placement, reducing crime and gang-related participation, and providing better-trained and educated employees for the local business community. Friday Eldredge & Clark is proud to support the Academies of Central Arkansas.