Honored for Outstanding Pro Bono Service

October 24, 2022

Martin A. Kasten to be honored for Outstanding Pro Bono Service by Arkansas Access to Justice.

The ceremony kicks off the start of Access to Justice Month in Arkansas. Tickets are available for purchase, and the event will take place Thursday, October 27, at 6:00 at Hillcrest Hall in Little Rock.

Kasten has donated 75 hours of service over the last three years as a volunteer with Legal Aid of Arkansas. His commitment to delivering pro bono legal services to low-income Arkansans has impacted many and has driven the mission of the Legal Aid Office forward. We honor Martin for his work, and we encourage each of you to join us at the ACCESS TO JUSTICE MONTH KICKOFF 2022

Tickets for the event can be purchased here: https://arkansasjustice.org/2022/05/03/access-to-justice-month-kickoff-2022/

About Martin A. Kasten:

Kasten is regularly involved in complex and high-stakes matters with significant representations. A few key matters include overturning a $1.2 billion Medicaid fraud judgment, an $11 million deceptive trade practices act judgment, and a $180 million attorney fee award.

In a pro bono matter, representing a former law enforcement officer who appealed a conviction for leading a continuing criminal enterprise. For his efforts in spearheading a reversal of a 40-year sentence and a dismissal of the criminal enterprise charge, Martin was recognized by the Arkansas Bar Association with the Lawyer Community Legacy Award.

Martin focuses his practice on tort litigation and class actions in federal and state courts. His trial work includes the defense of claims involving business torts, Attorney General actions, Arkansas’ deceptive trade practices act, insurance coverage, products liability, including pharmaceuticals, automobile accidents, premises liability, and breach of contracts. Martin also regularly handles appeals to Arkansas’ highest appellate courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

Read more about Martin A. Kasten here: https://fridayfirm.com/attorneys/attorney/mkasten

About Arkansas Access to Justice:

Arkansas Access to Justice is the non-profit sister organization to the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission. The Foundation manages Arkansas’s IOLTA Program and makes grants to support equal access to civil justice. Its mission is to support programs that promote and support access to the justice system by persons in Arkansas who cannot afford a lawyer and for whom the law does not provide a right to counsel. The organization strives to educate the public regarding the needs of Arkansans related to meaningful access to the civil justice system. Arkansas Access to Justice works to improve the administration of justice in the State of Arkansas and assists in supporting institutions and organizations that improve the administration of justice. In addition, student loans and scholarships are provided for the education of lawyers. Funding for the organization comes from interest income generated by deposits in trust accounts as well as fundraising for the benefit of clients maintained by attorneys practicing in the state of Arkansas. The organization supports programs and services such as the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission, the Center for Arkansas Legal Services, Inc., and Legal Aid of Arkansas, Inc. All this is done to fulfill their missions of providing access to justice and legal aid to Arkansans who cannot afford a lawyer and who qualify for legal services.

You can read more about Arkansas Access to Justice here: https://arkansasjustice.org/