Healthcare Compliance Update

June 22, 2017

Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness

 The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) recently posted new compliance guidance to assist healthcare entities of all types and sizes of measuring the effectiveness of their compliance programs. The publication, “Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness:  A Resource Guide” was the collaborative result the Health Care Compliance Association and the OIG.

The guidance is not considered to be all-inclusive, nor should any provider think that implementation of all the metrics is feasible, reasonable or even appropriate.  A compliance program should be tailored according to your type and size of the entity.  

The resource guide provides numerous ways to measure effectiveness for each of the following elements of a compliance program: 

  1. Standards, policies and procedures
  2. Compliance program administration
  3. Screening and evaluation of employees, physicians, vendors and other agents
  4. Communication, education and training on compliance issues
  5. Monitoring, auditing and internal reporting systems
  6. Discipline for non-compliance
  7. Investigations and remedial measures

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