Government Relations, Lobbying & Regulatory

Building and maintaining appropriate relationships of trust with government decision-makers is a primary consideration for us.

For more than 50 years, clients have turned to us for guidance and representation at all levels of government. We provide legislative and regulatory advocacy, representation at administrative hearings, assistance with business licenses and permits, and counsel with regard to initiative and referendum matters. We are called upon to draft legislation, to testify and offer commentary, to meet with elected officials and their staff members, and to assist clients in crafting strategy and action plans. Our ability to do so is amplified by our own experiences. Partners in our firm have served as personal counsel to Arkansas governors. One of our partners is the mayor of his community, and another serves as the city attorney for that community.

Arkansas-based Fortune 500 companies, as well as the Arkansas banking industry, call on us for government regulatory counsel, guidance, and representation. In these matters, we have advised major retailers, utilities, rail carriers, and regional financial institutions. We have represented a diversified natural gas energy company before the Arkansas Public Service Commission with respect to the sale of its distribution subsidiary. We were engaged by an exempt wholesale electricity generator with respect to the proposed sale of its Arkansas generating facilities. The largest Class One freight railroad in the country called on us with respect to real estate and regulatory issues in relation to its construction of its multi-million dollar intermodal facility in eastern Arkansas. We also have frequent contacts with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department regarding issues affecting this particular railroad client. We also assist clients with the formation of political action committees and any necessary filings with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. We represent clients in FINRA arbitrations, before the EEOC, and before the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. Whenever our clients need our help in the government arena, we are there to help them.

We have a long history of successfully working jointly with our clients and government officials to implement constitutional changes. Our firm has written legislation and worked with various parties in numerous constitutional matters. Additionally, we have been involved in drafting each usury amendment in Arkansas since Amendment 60. We have broad experience in drafting proposed legislation and in representing both sponsors and opponents in the initiative and referendum process.

We have written much of the bond legislation in Arkansas for the last 50 years, and have handled numerous lawsuits through the Arkansas Supreme Court testing the constitutionality of such legislation. Examples of Supreme Court cases include Wayland v. Snapp, 232 Ark. 57, 334 S.W.2d 633 (1960), which successfully tested Arkansas’s industrial development revenue bond statute, and Pulaski County v. Jacuzzi Bros. Div., 332 Ark. 91, 964 S.W.2d 788 (1998), the most recent case upholding our industrial development revenue bond statute.