From ensuring regulatory compliance to defending against claims in litigation, Friday, Eldredge & Clark provides comprehensive representation to clients in the rail freight industry. We understand the competitive needs and the unique regulatory structure that these clients must deal with and are well aware that they are frequently the targets of litigation from plaintiffs seeking claims against them as “deep-pocket” defendants. We effectively counter the actions of plaintiffs who conduct “forum shopping” in venues with no direct ties to their claims, including claims that seek class-action status.

Client focus

  • Class I Railroad
  • Short Line Railroads

Services to Railroad Clients

We provide one of the nation’s largest rail freight carriers with effective defense on all types of litigation in courts throughout Arkansas. We handle disputes that involve Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) actions and are familiar with Federal Railway Administration regulations regarding workplace safety. Our lawyers skillfully resolve disputes over property damage, personal injury, and environmental concerns, often going to the scene of accidents as requested. We also assist with real estate, environmental, EEO, regulatory, and general needs.