Focus on our History

Where it Began

Friday, Eldredge & Clark traces its history to 1871 when attorneys George E. Dodge and Benjamin S. Johnson formed a partnership for the practice of law. They represented what was then known as the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad, one of Arkansas’s first major legal clients.

Beginning with the single focus of representing the railroad industry, the firm gradually incorporated other areas of law and lawyers into its practice.

The firm was the first in the state to develop several practice groups of two or more attorneys who devoted their time to a particular area of law.

Over time, the firm established practice groups focused on taxation, bonds, securities, litigation, commercial law, employee benefits, healthcare, real estate and labor law.

In the more than 145 years since its inception, Friday, Eldredge & Clark has grown to be the state’s largest law firm, serving clients in almost every industry - expanding way beyond its roots, but never losing sight of them.

Today, the law firm has three offices in Arkansas and the practice includes 90 attorneys and 85 additional support staff.