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Attorney Mike Moore Talks With AMP About the Legal Industry's Shift During COVID

October 19, 2021

In the October issue of Arkansas Money and Politics, Attorney Michael S. Moore talks about the changes in the legal industry due to COVID and how technology has impacted the profession. 

Technology, COVID likely to Shape Law Profession for Years to Come

(AMP, October 2021)

Of all the industries impacted by the encroachment of technology and the creep of COVID-19, law firms aren’t the first to spring to many people’s attention. But that’s exactly what’s happening in legal firms and courtrooms all over the country, and Arkansas legal experts say, for better or worse, it’s likely to continue.

“I’ve been forced to become what I call a COVID lawyer the last year and a half,” said Mike Moore, partner with Friday, Eldredge & Clark in Little Rock. “That’s been really good in some ways and really frustrating in others. But it seems to be all I talk about, at this point.

“The great thing about COVID is it has taught us that we do have the ability to work remotely. The problem is finding that balance and being able to serve the client in a way that the client both deserves and expects.”

Moore’s observations are consistent with what’s happening in the profession nationwide. He said from extending a firm’s marketing and recruitment reach to simply serving underserved areas, technology holds great potential, particularly in states like Arkansas that have traditionally struggled to bring legal expertise within reach of rural and small-town residents.

“I believe that what we are finding out about our use of technology will help overall,” Moore said. “I will tell you that we can follow up with clients in a way that we simply weren’t able to before, and all they have to do is have a smartphone. We’re able to answer questions and talk to them in a productive manner as a result. I think there are a ton of positives in the legal community that can come from this.”

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